Sites that have biographical information about Bach.

Bach's PassionBach's Passion - A new novel by RuthAnn Ridley
"Fourteen-year-old Johann Sebastian Bach worked late into the night. The notes in front of him sang. Little did he know that he was preparing to make history. This is the untold story of the man whom many consider the greatest composer who ever lived, the story of Bach's love for his family, his battles with fools and his passion for God.
Bach's Passion transports you into the world of 18th century Europe. It places you at the scene of the creation of musical masterpieces. It inspires you with the assurance that perseverance will be rewarded "
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Bach - The Fencing MasterBach - The Fencing Master
The famous Dutch cellist Anner Bylsma has written the long expected book about the Bach Cello Suites. Now, it is published. Its title is "Bach, The Fencing Master or reading aloud from the first three cello suites". The books brings new life into the discussion about how to perform these suites. Whoever reads it gets really enthusiastic about it. Mr. Bylsma's knowledge, sense of humor and entirely new view on the suites are compelling.
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Jozsef EötvösJozsef Eötvös - Bach's Goldberg Variations Played on the Guitar
'Joszef Eötvös may have produced one of the finest major transcription for the guitar of the second half of the century. His variations are well crafted for a solo guitar, and stands up well against the original Bach manuscript. One cannot help feeling that the result is another faithful work of art, something that would have left a smile on Bach's face!' - Michael Stitt - Bach Plucked
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Dr Yo Tomita, School of Music, Queen's University
This site features a wealth of information and resources related to Bach including a comprehensive Bach Bibliography, Source Studies of the Well-Tempered Clavier Book II and high quality MIDI files. This site also features the 'Bach' Musicological Font, a high quality font face with additional music symbols that blend seamlessly with the text. There is also information about Yo's publications including J. S. Bach's `Das Wohltemperierte Clavier II': A Critical Commentary, 3 vols. and many online essays.
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The J.S. Bach Home Page
'The complete Johann Sebastian Bach. An extensive biography, tour of Bach's life in Germany, catalog of his works, bibliography, recommended recordings, and other Bach resources on the web. This award-winning site is maintained by Jan Hanford in North Amercia and Jan Koster in Europe.'
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The J.S. Bach Tourist
'What is offered on these J.S. Bach tourist pages is not a travel guide in the usual sense but a series of personal impressions of Bach sites, illustrated with pictures and supplemented with some minimal practical information.'
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A Johann Sebastian Bach Midi Page
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Club JSB
'Dedicated to the music of J.S. Bach and other great composers and performers'
Includes: On J.S. Bach's Fantasy & Fugue, BWV 906, J.S. Bach's Ornament Table, A Tribute to Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Glenn Gould and the Electronic Future
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The Canons and Fugues of J. S. Bach
Canons & Fugues contains a theory of canonic and fugal processes linked to examples of analyzed canons and fugues by J. S. Bach. Canons include those of the Goldberg Variations and Addendum, Musical Offering, Art of Fugue, Orgelbüchlein, Vom Himmel hoch, Clavier-Übung III, Honorific works and concludes with an essay "Why Did Bach Write Canons?" Fugues include the Art of Fugue, portions of the Well Tempered Clavier, and conclude with directions on how to Analyze a Fugue. The site also contains extensive biography and history including Bach's Education & Career, the Bach Family, the Baroque Ideal, Bach's Contemporaries, and an essay on the importance of Bach's work in contemporary art and criticism "Not Bach, but Meer."
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Bach: the Baroque, and Beyond
'Bach: the Baroque and Beyond" is a graduate seminar in music theory and analysis that Northern Arizona University is delivering via the World-Wide Web this fall. The course explores themes which emerge in the 18th century, reach heights of tonal complexity in the music of J. S. Bach, and have continued to inspire and inform composers into the 19th and 20th centuries. The purpose of the seminar is to illustrate how musical structure and style in the western classical tradition draw from a continuum of techniques composers have sought consciously to exploit. Many of these techniques originated in the baroque with pedagogies transmtting them to musicians of the last two centuries having consistently used Bach as model.'
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Alexandre H. Hohmann's Bach Page
'These pages are dedicated to the music and life of Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), perhaps the greatest genius in Western music. ... These pages contain pictures of Bach and of some of the many places in which he worked and lived, the texts (with English translation) of a few of his vocal works, documents and letters and, soon, a chronology of his life and a list of references.'
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Johann Sebastian Bach - Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )
'This site endeavors to answer oft-asked and oft-heard questions about Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) and his work, explain basic facts and concepts about his music, its forms, techniques, context, etc., shed light on common misunderstandings, and provide pointers to further information on and off the web. This FAQ is directed largely at those unfamiliar or only somewhat familiar with Bach and his work, whether otherwise knowledgeable about so-called "classical music" or not; it is not intended to be a comprehensive, encyclopaedic, or scholarly resource (although we provide pointers to more complete Bach resources).'
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Classical Net
'The purpose of this site is to provide a point-of-entry into a wide array of informational files - over 2200 in all - about classical music, as well as over 2000 links to other interesting web sites.'
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Charles Cave's J.S. Bach Home Page at Classical Net
'The primary aim of this web site is to offer the list of Bach's works in an hypertext format.'
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Tim Cordell's Bach Page
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Bach-Archiv Leipzig ( in German )
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Bach's Predecessors
'In the context of a very critical discussion on Bach, I was asked about the influence of his predecessors on his music....'

Classical Music Pages - Bach
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The Stations of Bach - Videotape
'An original and winning biographical portrait of the composer...By retracing the composer's life-long pilgrimage, Stations successfully manages to both educate and entertain.'
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The Rough Guide to Classical Music - Johann Sebastian Bach
'As well as being a buyer's guide to CDs, this book is a Who's Who of classical music, ranging from Hildegard of Bingen, one of the great figures of eleventh-century European culture, to George Benjamin, born in 1960.'
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Philips Classics Productions - Johann Sebastian Bach
'... one of the classical record companies within the PolyGram group releases its product on the Philips Classics, Mercury Living Presence, and Point Music labels.' Includes a hypertext catalog of all of their Bach recordings.
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Baroque ain't broke!
A personal Bach tribute page by Paul Alexander Gusmorino 3rd.
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Bachhaus Eisenach ( in German )
'We are a museum about J.S. Bach and his family. The house is the supposed birthplace of J.S. Bach. Rooms in Barock style and original instruments of the time can be seen.'
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David E. Coy's Musical Choices: J.S. Bach
Includes some Bach biographical information.
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the Internet Public Library: The Baroque Age - Johann Sebastian Bach
Some biographical information and RealAudio files.
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UK Online Music: J.S. Bach
Some biographical information and links.

Early Music FAQ
'This is the Frequently Asked Questions page for Early Music (Western music of the Medieval, Renaissance & Baroque eras). We attempt to cover all aspects in greater or lesser depth.'
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Bach: A small contribution to his web presence
On this web-site, some less known illustrations of stations in the life and work of Sebastian Bach are provided.
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Bach: What a Family
A well done site with some biographical information about Bach's family and a family tree.
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Classical Insites - Johann Sebastian Bach
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Genius Ignored, Chapter 4: Bach
'Bach was a celebrated organist but his compositions were not considered anything special. Less than 1% of his work was published during his lifetime. His widow died in poverty.'
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The Oboe and the Oboe D'amore in Bach's Church Cantatas
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Bach bits
By Tom Strini of the Journal Sentinel staff.

Tradition and Individual Style in the Motets of J.S. Bach
'The extant motets of Johann Sebastian Bach provide examples of Bach's distinctive composing techniques as he applied them to the traditional motet style of the Baroque period. The study is a comparison of Bach's motets to the traditional Lutheran motet style as it was known in the Baroque period and will highlight similarities as well as differences.'
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The Classical Music Sample Page - J.S. Bach
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Classical and Rococo Composers Page
'The purpose of this page is to be a sort of encyclopædia of Classical and Rococo composers.' - Includes some biographical information about a few of Bach's sons.

J.S. Bach's Influence on W.A. Mozart
A paper written by Patrick Findlay for Music 338 at the University of Texas.
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Johann Sebastian Bach Notepad page
Includes: 'An overview of the sons & daughters of JSB'
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A Tour with then Bach Choir of Bethlehem
Many great pictures!
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Xinh's JS Bach Index / J.S. Bach Mass in B Minor
Writings on J.S. Bach's Mass in B Minor including: Composition of the work, Organization of movements, Text of the Mass in B Minor, Balance in musical style, Symmetry in Credo, Closer look at individual movements .

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Nicholas Baumgartner's Bach Emporium
'A consolidation of many Bach-links available on the Internet. This is a project for a computer science class at Oberlin, for which I drew upon my love for J.S. Bach.'
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Safe Haven - J. S. Bach
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KVNO 90.7FM - Johann Sebastian Bach
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Björns Homepage
'Word 7.0 Dokument, Original und Bearbeitung - Stokowskis Orchesterfassung der Passacaglia c-moll von Bach'
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MUSIC OF INTELLECT the Goldberg Variations
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Sydney Bachfest
'Sydney's Bachfest is a celebration of the life and music of JS Bach - his life dramatised and his music performed by students and staff of NIDA and the Conservatorium of Music'
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Bach to the Drawing Board
Complete resource for Bach. Contains some pictures, MIDI's, biography, and other features.
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Bach Central Station -