About This Site

     A while back I had thought about setting up a Web-Ring of Bach-related sites. I quickly realized that there were many great Bach sites that I couldn't get into a ring because of one reason or other. So, instead of a 'ring', I decided to create a 'hub' which would contain the links to all the Bach related sites I could find. I would try to get as many of the linked sites to link back but it wouldn't be a problem if I couldn't get all of the sites linked back. Bach Central Station was the result.
     I was also thinking about whether or not I should just make this site a section of my personal Bach page: Dave's J.S. Bach Page. I decided to make it a seperate site to emphasize its singular purpose. There is a 'links' page at Dave's J.S. Bach Page but it only contains some of my favorite sites listed at Bach Central Station.
     You may notice that some of the links at this site include small graphics and appear at the tops of their respective pages. These special promotional spots were traded for the Bach-related products that they represent. It is partially because of these contributions that I have done the major renovation that has brought Bach Central Station to its current state. If you have a Bach-related product and would like a promotional spot, let me know what the product is and we can arrange a trade.
     This site is now managed by a database and a special application I wrote using Delphi to generate the HTML from the links in the database. This database will allow me to post updates much more rapidly and easily.
     Please notify my of any broken links or if a particular site's entry should be modified in anyway. Any comments or questions are welcome.

     David J. Grossman ( Dave )
          dave AT unpronounceable DOT com
          ( e-mail address mangled to foil the spam-bots )


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